One of the most critical factor in making good concrete is the water to cement retio. It is recommended that a compenent engineer's advice be sought because this factor has maximum bearing on durability. Water shoud be added to make the mix just workable and not into a loose paste or slurry. A minimum Period of seven days or longer depending on the exposure at site is recommended. Curing should being as soon as practical. Wet or moist curing is recommended. You may also consider use of curing compounds. Proper curing helps in reduction of shrinkage cracks, imparts greater abrasion resistance to surface, reduces permeability and improves

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Globally PPC's have proved their superiority over OPC. Blended cements have become the perferred choice of the engineering franternity. "Kotai Cement" is a versatile alternative for OPC and can replace it in most applications with added advantage.

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